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Skillshop Google Ads it is the platform that should become the best friend of all those who intend to be an expert in the world of online advertising.

Today, having Skillshop Google Ads certifications means having fresh knowledge, competencies, skills, and abilities to take an advertising campaign to the next level. 

Do you want to know more? Make sure you read us until the end.

Do you know what Google Ads Skillshop is?

When talking about Skillshop Google Ads, we are referring to that free online training platform, in Spanish, which was previously known as Academy for Ads.

This learning platform brings together training courses on the professional tools and solutions offered by Google. 

To which, in addition, new Google Ads courses are added to delve into the management, and measurement, of search, display, video, and shopping campaigns.

In it you can find complete and personalized training plans that will adapt to your level of knowledge and objectives. Plus, it’s packed with short courses about separate content areas.


Who is Google Ads Skillshop for?

Learners at any level can receive free training at Skillshop Google Ads. In addition, their plans are flexible, with the intention that everyone can master the products, tools, and platforms that allow them to achieve professional goals.

With the intention that you demonstrate your knowledge, the Skillshop Google Ads certifications have been designed for each type of campaign, and the Measurement Certification.

The platform has been created in collaboration with users and Google product experts. This is a new learning experience with which anyone can expand their skills and get the most out of Google Ads.

And, if you think that they have not yet included the ideal training plan for you, the good news is that the Google Ads teaching units will continue to expand to meet the needs of all users.

Thus, regardless of your objectives or previous level of instruction, the platform is committed to helping you achieve good results if what you want is to work on online advertising campaigns.

What differentiates Skillshop from Academy for Ads?

As we have already mentioned, it is a renewal of the platform. The first difference between Skillshop and Academy for Ads is the URL, which becomes:

Additionally, some of the things that were added were:

  • Training plans, with the intention of expanding your knowledge on how to manage and measure search, display, video, and shopping campaigns.
  • New certification itineraries for each type of campaign, as well as a Measurement Certification that will help you demonstrate that you know these areas in depth.
  • New diagnostic evaluations that will help you test your knowledge, and thus check if you really have everything up to date, or if you need to continue reviewing, before you take the certification evaluations.

In addition, as we have mentioned, the platform promises to continue updating in order to meet all the learning needs of its users.

So, if the ideal certification is not available yet, or you have already completed all the certification programs and pathways that interest you, don’t forget about it. 

There will be new content before you know it!


What does a Skillshop Google Ads certification entail?

When talking about a Skillshop Google Ads certification, we are referring to a professional accreditation that is granted by Google to those users who have demonstrated competencies in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads.

Also known as Google Ads certifications, they serve to demonstrate that you are recognized by the company as an expert in online advertising. Which gives you a certain status within the professional world.

They are available on the Skillshop Google Ads certifications page, and you can go see them when you finish reading our article if you do.

What Skillshop Google Ads certifications are available?

Currently, there are 11 Google Ads certifications, which are as follows:

  1. Google Ads Search.
  2. Google Ads Display Network.
  3. Google Ads Video.
  4. Shopping Ads.
  5. Google Ads applications.
  6. Google Ads measurement.
  7. Professional Google Ads Search Advertising.
  8. Professional Google Ads Display Network.
  9. Professional Google Ads video.
  10. Google Ads creatives.
  11. Increase traditional sales.

What are the benefits of having any of these certifications?

The main benefits of Skillshop Google Ads certifications can be separated into two points:

  • You will be able to demonstrate your experience, using the personalized certificate (which is printable) with the intention of showing your current and potential clients that you are a certified online advertising professional.
  • You will help your company become a Google Partner, or a Premier Partner in the Google Partners program.

How about starting the path to your first Skillshop Google Ads certification right now?

With all the free online training options that Skillshop Google Ads offers you, you will surely find some certification that you are interested in having on your professional resume.

Take the time to train yourself as an online advertising professional with one of the best companies in the world. Pass your certification (you must have a score equal to or greater than 80%), and begin to benefit from the knowledge you will obtain.

It should be noted that Skillshop Google Ads certifications are only valid for one year. So, you will always have to return to the platform to update your knowledge and refresh your skills.

Don’t waste any more time, and visit the platform’s website. Set up your profile, start the training plan, soak up all the free knowledge they have to offer, and take your professional life to the next level.

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