How to get a Google Ads certification?


How to get a Google Ads certification? Nothing says “I’m a professional” more than having a certification, and thanks to Google Ads certification, today it is possible to demonstrate that you are an expert in online advertising.

Read us until the end not only to know how to obtain it, but also all the tricks that help make the process much easier.

Do you know what Google Ads certification is?

When talking about a Google Ads certification, we are referring to that element that allows you to demonstrate that Google recognizes you as an expert in online advertising.

Currently, there are 11 types of Google Ads certifications, ranging from Google Ads Search to Traditional Increase Sales. Of course, each of them has a particular exam to obtain it.

Among the benefits of obtaining one, is being able to demonstrate our experience, and help the company become a Google partner, or a Premier partner in the Google Partners program.


Step by step to obtain Google Ads certification

Discover step for step how obtain Google ads certification.

Step 1: Create your Google Skillshop account

The first step to obtain Google Ads certification is to open your account in Google Skillshop, something you can do by giving click here.

It is possible for a person who has a Gmail email, or whose business email is linked to a Google account.

The only thing you have to do to start is click on the “Sign in” button located in the upper right side, and accept the various terms of service. You will then also be asked to accept the terms of service agreement.

Thus, you will go on to create the profile with your data, and once finished, you will be welcomed to the platform where you will advance with the certification process.

Step 2: Prepare to take the exams

Within the same platform, you will have the possibility of accessing preparation content designed so that you have greater knowledge about the topics covered in the exams.

Getting ready is simple, you will only have to select the topics located at the top of the navigation, and then on “Google Ads”, to finish by clicking on “Google Ads Certifications”.

With the above, you will see a list of 6 specializations from which you can choose. It is always best to start with the “Campaign Certification”, but you can choose any one.


When you click on the one of your choice, the platform will open the section for the specialization in question. It will be in the “Expand your knowledge about” button that you will be allowed to prepare for the exam, and you will be given access to free content.

With this, you will be able to choose the topics you would like to delve into, although, as a recommendation, it is best that you take the time to consume all the preparation content.

Step 3: Take and pass one of the certification exams

Once you feel completely prepared, you must click on the option that says “Pass the evaluation, and get certified.” Before getting serious, you will be shown a “trial” knowledge assessment, which you can take optionally.

Once you have selected the evaluation, you will be able to see the summary with the number of questions, and the time limit you have to complete them. In addition, you will be given other general recommendations.

When you feel ready to start the evaluation, just click on the button that says “START”, an action that will take you to a screen where the first question will be, and from there, you will advance at your own pace.

Once you have finished everything and approved, you can obtain the Google Ads certification.

Useful recommendations when obtaining Google Ads certification

To help you succeed in your evaluation, we have listed some recommendations for obtaining Google Ads certification. Before starting the exam, be sure to read them:

  • The time limit they will give you to complete the exam is 75 minutes. Make sure you manage your time well, since if you reach the limit and have not finished answering, you will only be counted for those questions that you have completed.
  • If you haven’t passed the exam on the first try, you don’t have to worry. The waiting time for you to do it again is 1 business day. Take advantage of it to reinforce your knowledge, and try it as many times as necessary.
  • If you want to pass the exam, you will have to make sure you get a score of 80%, or higher.
  • All exams are valid for 1 year, so if you want to continue with your certificate, you will have to focus on how to renew your Google Ads certification once the time comes.
  • If you have finished your exam, and you don’t see the results in your profile, don’t worry. It may take 24-48 hours before these are available.
  • We recommend “Campaign Certification” because it is the Google advertising network that is most popular and effective for the majority of companies.

How to renew Google Ads certification?

As we have already mentioned, the certification is only valid for 1 year. So, if you want to keep it, you will have to take the exam once every year, and pass it, whenever the time comes.

The procedure is basically the same as what we have mentioned to obtain your certification for the first time, so you will only have to access your Google Skillshop profile and start a new exam.

Of course, the recommendation is that, every time you are going to take an exam, you look at the content that has been designed for review. It never hurts to take the time to study the contents, to be sure that they will be approved.

Get your certification now!

Now that you know how to get Google Ads certification, don’t waste your time. Access the platform, start soaking up the knowledge of the exam, and pass it as soon as possible.

Without a doubt, it will be a before and after in your professional profile.

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